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Victoria Richings (visual artist)

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... find yourself and let yourself be free, let your feelings and emotions fly and express themselves in your brushstrokes, my feelings are always changing, influenced by the world around me and whatever I may do, so my art changes too!
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Victoria Richings Butcher was born in England in 1966 and has now lived in the Aquitaine region  of France for 7 years.  She has been interested in art from an early age, following her brother Allen Richings progress throughout the years. She has studied the methods and techniques used by many different artists to achieve their own distinct styles and using this has tried to create a mix for her own interpretation of art. Victoria works mainly with acrylics. She is inspired by many artists, past and present, such as Degas for his beautiful compositions and movement in form, Freud for his reality and his somewhat vulgar interpretation of life, Allen Richings for his finesse and perfection, Mohr for his vivid and innovative use of colour and Lempika for her bold and fun interpretations.

Award winner 5th Showcase 2011 - - with 'Madge'
















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